nypsi documentation

invite to your server

click here to get started by inviting nypsi to your server


how do i clear my username history?

run the following command to clear your username history
$un -clear
run the following command to clear your avatar history
$avh -clear
you can use $toggletracking to disable username/avatar tracking

my server does not qualify for the pings command

there are requirements set for pings/mentioned to be tracked, as there is massive performance issues when nypsi tracks every mention on every server, no matter how much they use nypsi.
the requirements are as follows:
  • your server must have less than 150k members
  • your server owner must have an economy profile
the quick fix for this is to simply check the server owner's balance using the /balance command, if this doesn't work, try paying the owner with /pay
if you need further help, feel free to join the support server

when will karmashop be open

the karmashop (/karmashop view) opens 1-3 times every month. everyone will be notified in the official nypsi server when it is opened. make sure to join to stay updated (:

how do i get vote reminders

use the below command to open your notification settings. there will be a 'vote reminders' option for you to enable
/settings me notifications

how do i disable certain commands

in order to disable a command, run the command below.
$disablecmd + <cmd>
to undo, type the following command:
$disablecmd - <cmd>
you can also enable slash command only mode, which allows you to customise which commands are allowed within your discord server settings
/settings server slash-only

whats with the lowercase?

i (max), personally love how lowercase text looks. which is why nypsi is almost entirely lowercase (no this will not change u loser). it also gives a bit of a unique aesthetic to nypsi.
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