nypsi documentation

invite to your server

click here to get started by inviting nypsi to your server


my server does not qualify for the pings command

this means that the server owner isn't an active nypsi user, to fix this, have the owner run some commands, if this isn't possible, send the owner some nypsi money with /pay.

if you need further help, feel free to join the support server

when will karmashop be open

the karmashop (/karmashop view) opens a few times a month. you can use the karma shop command to see when it is next scheduled to be opened. you can also join the official nypsi server, and give yourself the karma shop role, to be notified when it does open

how do i get vote reminders

use the below command to open your notification settings. there will be a 'vote reminders' option for you to enable

/settings me notifications

how do i clear my username history?

run the following command to clear your username history

$un -clear

run the following command to clear your avatar history

$avh -clear

you can use $toggletracking to disable username/avatar tracking

how do i disable certain commands

in order to disable a command, run the command below.

$disablecmd + <cmd>

to undo, type the following command:

$disablecmd - <cmd>

you can also enable slash command only mode, which allows you to customise which commands are allowed within your discord server settings

/settings server slash-only

whats with the lowercase?

i (max), personally love how lowercase text looks. which is why nypsi is almost entirely lowercase (no this will not change u loser). it also gives a bit of a unique aesthetic to nypsi.

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