what are guilds

guilds work similarly to how they do on hypixel. you create your own guild, invite friends, and work together to level it up.

what's the point of a guild

guild owners can buy things from the guild shop with tokens, this will give you upgrades and allow you to earn more money quicker. you receive guild tokens from levelling up

on each level up, the top contributors will receive rewards.

how do i upgrade my guild

your guild will upgraded automatically, once the requirements have been met. you can do /guild upgrade to look at the requirements for the next upgrade

guild members

a guild can only hold so many members, this can be upgraded from the shop with guild tokens.

having more members in a guild allows you all to contribute more, but makes it harder to level up

only the top 4 xp AND top 4 money contributors will receive rewards on each level up

to leave your guild, use the /guild leave command. if you are the owner however, you will need to delete your guild, using /guild delete

how can i get my money back after depositing?

this is not possible, as it could easily be abused. however, when the guild is deleted, each member will receive a percentage back of what they contributed to the guild

guild shop upgrades

id (used to purchase)full nameeffect per level


member slot

+1 member slot


max bet increase

+25k maxbet


gamble multiplier

+1% gamble multiplier


sell multiplier

+5% sell multiplier


shorter cooldowns

+5% shorter cooldowns


double cookies

+2% chance to double cookies produced

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