what are guilds

guilds work similarly to how they do on hypixel. you create your own guild, invite friends, and work together to level it up.

whats the point of a guild

being in a guild that has been levelled up gives you rewards. these rewards are as follows:

  • +1 max xp gain when gambling for each level

  • +1% multiplier for each level

as well as these upgrades, all members will receive basic crates when upgrading the guild

how do i upgrade my guild

your guild will upgraded automatically, once the requirements have been met. you can do $guild upgrade to look at the requirements for the next upgrade

guild members

at first, a guild can only hold 3 members. this will increase when the guild upgrades, allowing for more members. although note, with more members, the requirements to upgrade the guild are higher.

to leave your guild, use the /guild leave command. if you are the owner however, you will need to delete your guild, using /guild delete

how can i get my money back after depositing?

this is not possible, as it could easily be abused. however, when the guild is deleted, each member will receive a percentage back of what they contributed to the guild

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