self host

since nypsi is almost entirely public, you can self host and make your own version!


there is no official help provided for doing this. it is not difficult to do assuming you have some technical knowledge. you will be ignored if you ask the owner for help.


  • a computer

  • nodejs 20

  • postgres

  • redis

  • a discord server

  • git

get started

downloading the code

open terminal and get yourself in the location where you want to download nypsi and the run the following command

git clone

installing dependencies

package manager

if you don't already have pnpm installed, you can install it with the below command

npm i -g pnpm

nypsi dependencies

install nypsi dependencies with:

pnpm install --frozen-lockfile

run, this will create needed folders, install a placeholder anticheat and rename .env.example to .env


you must fill in your .env with your values. the below keys are NOT required for nypsi to function, however there will be missing functionality.





  • S3_*


database migration

run npx prisma migrate dev. if this doesn't work there is something wrong with your database or your dependencies.


run npx tsc to compile nypsi's source code

all done!

you should be able to run nypsi with node .


to contribute to nypsi, you will need to have a github account. with this installation, you will be able to make changes and test those changes. you will have to fork the repository, commit changes, and then make a pull request.

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