evidence is a system that allows moderators to upload evidence to a nypsi moderation case

whats the point?

instead of uploading your evidence to discord in a channel, this will ensure that your evidence is never deleted, unless you delete it. it is also directly attached to the case, accessible by clicking a button after using the $case command, which means less context switching if you keep your evidence in a specific channel

how is it stored?

evidence is stored in an S3 bucket with a long and randomized name, making attempting to look for this evidence by url scraping almost impossible. it would take years to find an image due to the immense amount of different possible combinations

how do i add evidence to a case

when you do the $case command, there will be an evidence button to either view evidence, or to add evidence.

how do i get more storage?

to get more storage you can contact @m.axz on discord.

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