maximum bet

your maximum bet is determined based on your prestige and whether or not you have voted. each prestige adds $50k to your maximum bet, with your vote status also adding $50k if you have voted.

you can view your maximum bet with $maxbet

card games

the card games included with nypsi have been made as realistic as possible, while also keeping them easy to play. card games will use 1 standard deck of cards, shuffled using the shuffle-array npm library.

when a card is chosen for either the player or the dealer, the card chosen is the first in the array (list), just like how you would take the first card from a real deck of playing cards.

earning xp

to earn xp you must bet a minimum amount. this amount can be seen with /settings me defaultbet, and it changes depending on

the amount of xp you earn is calculated on a number of variables, including your prestige, bet, win multiplier, premium level and inventory items. it works by creating a minmimum and a maximum value, and creating a random number between those. any bonuses from active boosters will then be applied to that generated number.

game id

everytime you gamble (including fights, coinflips etc) a game id may be shown at the bottom of the message. this id shows the related information for each game, such as who created it, win/lose, earnings and the outcome. this is how gambling stats are calculated (/stats)

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