the bakery is a way to produce cookies and cakes

how it works

you need a furnace and 1 coal each time you bake. your furnace wont be used while baking, but coal will be used. if you want to bake, do /bake

how do i bake more cookies?

you can increase your cookie production with cursors, super cursors, and grandmas



+1 max cookie

super cursor

+1 min & max cookie


bakes 0.5 cookies each hour


+0.5% chance of baking a cake


+1 hour of afk time

with ovens, cookies will build up from grandmas up to the max afk time. this means that with 12 ovens you can store 6 cookies per grandma, maxing out after 12 hours.

cookie production also has chance to be doubled either from guild upgrades or certain gems

how do i bake cakes?

cakes have a chance to be baked depending on the amount of grandpas in your bakery. it starts off at 0%, increasing by 0.5% per grandpa, up to a maximum of 25%. any amount of grandpas over 50 does nothing, so it is not recommended using more than that.

the percent chance to get cakes continues to run until it fails, so it is possible to get more than 1 cake per bake if you are lucky. if you have a 25% chance of getting a cake, the chance of 1 cake is 1/4, 2 cakes 1/16, 3 cakes 1/64, etc.

how do you get upgrades?

upgrades can be obtained from crates and scratch cards

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