chat reactions setup

enabling automatic start

running the command below will enable automatic chat reactions in the current channel, if you have not changed any of the settings, it will use the default settings.

$cr settings enable

starting a chat reaction manually

you can start a chat reaction manually with $cr start. this will still track towards statistics and the chat reactions leaderboard ($cr lb)

setting the channel(s)

to use multiple channels for chat reactions you must have a premium membership

you can use the command below to enable/disable it for a channel. it acts as a toggle

$cr settings channel #cmds

changing the cooldown

the cooldown is the base delay in seconds between chat reactions happening across your server.

default: 300

$cr settings cooldown 300

changing the offset

the offset is the maximum amount of seconds that can be added or subtracted from the base delay.

default: 60

$cr settings offset 60

changing the max game length

the max game length is how long it will take in seconds without any response for the game to end

default: 60

$cr settings length 60

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