levels work on a 1-100 basis, each 100 levels acting as a new prestige, even if you don't explicitly prestige

how do i level up?

level ups are handled automatically whenever you meet the xp and bank requirments (/profile)

level up rewards

level up rewards are spread out between levels, for example, every 50 levels you will receive an xp booster

how do i increase bank size?

the main way of increasing your bank size is with stolen credit cards. you can buy these from other users or find them yourself in crates, scratch cards, etc. another way to increase your bank is to level up, however, sometimes you will need to use a credit card to have enough bank storage to be able to level up


when you prestige, your level will be decreased by 100 and given a prestige level. you will receive a random permanent upgrade seen in the upgrades button in /profile. if you don't like the upgrade that you received, you can always use a reroll token to reroll a specific upgrade, these can be found in scratch cards.

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