reaction roles

reaction roles allow you to setup buttons where members can click to receieve designated roles.


first, you must create a reaction role. to do this you should use the command bellow. this will start a process asking you questions to generate the initial message, such as the title, description and channel. the title is not required, but the description and channel are.
/reactionroles create

adding roles

to add a role once you've created a reaction role using the command above, use the command below. the suggestions given by nypsi will assist you in choosing the correct options.
/reactionroles addrole <message id> <role> <label|emoji>

changing mode

to change the mode of a reaction role, use the command below. possible modes: many unique. unique will ensure that the member only has one of the available roles, while many will allow them to have as many as they want
/reactionroles update <message id> mode <many|unique>