case data

when a moderation case is created, the staff member (actor)'s tag is stored in the case, instead of their ID. this means that if the staff member is to change their discord name, that will not be reflected on the moderation case.

this decision was made so that if a staff member were to leave, there is still context for the case, instead of a user ID being shown.

/case <case ID>

the command above allows you to view information about a case

top cases

the top cases command for staff members filters data by the staff's tag, for the reason explained above. this means that if a staff member is to change their name, their top cases stats will not be updated.


top cases can be used to show the staff members that are handing out the most punishments, as well as showing the members that are receiving the most punishments.

deleting all cases

if you would like to delete all cases for your server (restart moderation data), the server owner must run the command below.


a confirmation message will then be shown to prevent any accidental resets. please note that this is irreversible.

deleting a single case

deleting a single case entirely is not possible, however, it is marked as being deleted, and is shown as deleted in a user's punishment history. to do this, use the /case command to view the case, then press the delete button to mark the case as deleted. please not that this is irreversible.

punishment history

/history <user>

this command shows the target user's punishment history

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