what are gems?

gems are basically just passive boosters. they are always active and give buffs to whoever wields them. the downside of this, however, is that they can shatter. when a gem uses its passive ability (for example, boosting how much money your workers gain) it has a very small chance to shatter. while this chance is small, it adds up over time.

using gems that can shatter based on command usage is risky and should only be done if you have a crystal heart (more info below), want to get a crystal heart, or want to actually receive the effects of the gem, even if it shatters.

having more than 1 of a single colour gem does nothing. for example, having 2 green gems doesn’t stack the effect, although more than one of some are needed to craft higher tier gems.

how do i get gems?

the way you obtain a gem varies on which gem you want to obtain. each one has multiple different ways of obtaining, all of which are broken down in more detail below.

scratch cards can also drop gems. some gems have a slight chance to spawn depending on which scratch card you use.

extra information

double cookies from baking only take the highest chance from all gems

gem-breakdown details

the effects listed of each gem are averaged. this means that at any given time their effects could be higher or lower than what's listed.

blue text = removed when you have a crystal heart (except shattering). any time it is the other half of a percentage (ex: 60% is positive, other 40% is negative), the positive happens 100% of the time with a heart.

green text means that, combined, only one gem can be given every 24 hours globally from any of these methods.

ranged values (ex: 1-17%) have an equal chance for all options


+20% max storage for all workers


crafting: 10 gem shards

tower: 1.5% chance to spawn per row (max 1 per game), 0.5% chance to drop when clicked

mines: 20% chance to spawn, 0.5% chance to drop when clicked

1% chance to obtain when buying an item from the store (NOT the shop)

0.00025% (1/400,000) chance to obtain from doing any command (cooldown of 1 minute per check)

0.175% chance to obtain from completing any achievement

< 0.01% chance to obtain from fishing with an incredible rod


cannot shatter

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