fishing and hunting

how do i get a fishing rod / gun?

you can obtain a fishing rod or gun through crates. the easiest way to get crates is by voting daily with /vote. you can earn more vote crates each day by working hard and reaching high levels of prestige. p.s don't forget to turn vote reminders on!! (/settings me notifications)

different levels of item

the fishing rod and gun have different item ratings, terrible, normal and incredible. the diffence between these is how many of these you receive each time you find one in a crate, the amount of items you can get as well as what rarity items you will receive.

higher level guns and fishing rods make it easier to find items that have a higher rarity rating.

how long do they last?

in your inventory there's a number next to every item to indicate how many of those items you have, in the case for guns and fishing rods, this number is used to indicate how many times you can hunt / fish before you need to find more guns / fishing rods from crates.

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