every punishment command ($warn, $mute, $kick, etc.) allows you to affect multiple users with one command use. to be able to affect multiple users, each user must be mentioned, otherwise it will not work. note: this does not work when using slash commands.

the example below shows how you would mute 3 members for the same length and reason

$mute @member1 @member2 @member3 3h spamming

member1, member2 and member3 will each be muted for 3 hours, with the reason of spamming.

targetting users

to target a user, you can either tag them, use their user ID, or their username and tag (username#tag). only mentions are supported for targetting multiple users at a time.


in some cases, you can use the user's username to unban a member, although this shouldn't be counted on, as it depends on the user still being cached by nypsi. if the username does not work, you must use the user's ID.

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