quick setup

1. setting custom prefix

by default, nypsi uses $ as the prefix, if you are unsure what the current prefix is, tag nypsi to be reminded of the current prefix.

to change the prefix, you can use the prefix command


$prefix !

this would change the prefix to !

2. qualifying your server for $pings

you can see if your server is eligible to track mentions by using the /pings command.


  • your server must have less than 150k members

  • your server owner must have an economy profile

the quick fix for this is to simply check the server owner's balance using the /balance command, if this doesn't work, try paying the owner with /pay

if you need further help, feel free to join the support server

3. setting up christmas countdown

for this feature, nypsi will need the manage channels permission. the christmas countdown is a utility that sends messages counting down to christmas.

you can quickly set this up by using the command format below

$christmas enable [channel]

if you'd like to use an existing channel, you can replace [channel] with the channel you'd like to use. (do not include the brackets)

4. setting up chat reactions

chat reactions can start randomly or be triggered be the $cr start command. for them to start randomly, that must be configured using the command below.

$cr settings enable

this will enable random chat reactions in the current channel

5. setting up member counter

for this feature, nypsi will need the manage channels permission. the member counter is a basic utility that creates a channel (voice channel by default) and updates the name to show how many members are in the server.

$counter enable

the above will create a locked voice channel with the default format

this will give you a basic running setup of nypsi, however there is a lot more that nypsi is capable of.

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